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First, we want a change of perception in Paraguay. The petroglyphs of Amambay are treasures, not because they are part of a legendary hidden gold, but because they are part of our shared humanity's culture, and they need to be preserved and protected.  

Secondly, we want to acknowledge and show the world the challenges faced by the Pai Tavytera communities in their daily lives. We want to show the beauty of their culture while they face enormous odds to preserve it. We want to inspire concrete action to respect and preserve their culture.

Third, we want to make as much of this information available freely online, for anyone to access it and share it. We want to share the story of the petroglyphs of Amambay to a larger audience, an audience that might have not been initially interested in ancient rock art. 

Post Production on a social documentary is a lot of work: from using diplomacy with bureocratic government officials, to running out of storage on hard drives, to organizing a social campaign. Having low funds makes it harder to accomplish all our goals.  

We are committed to continue to promote the culture of the Pai Tavytera indigenous community of Paraguay, and the conservation of the rock art of Amambay.

Together, with your help, we can continue to thrive towards these goals.

Thank you. 


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