The Solar Map Project will be a  documentary shot on location in the Amambay Hills of Paraguay.

This documentary will seek answers to the mystery of the ancient inscriptions found in natural shelters along the border of Brazil and Paraguay. These inscriptions are not very well known in Paraguay, much the less the world. In order to try to decipher their enigma, we’ll trek through subtropical forest to the sites themselves, and we’ll visit a local native tribe of the Pai Tavytera named the Panambi’y. We will document never-before-recorded oral stories from the Indians in an attempt to shed light on what the inscriptions mean to them. Using digital video cameras and 3D mapping software, we will bring this latent story to people all over the world in an entertaining and compelling way.

The aim of this documentary is to celebrate these inscriptions as an invaluable treasure. In order to make sure they are safe from harm, we must examine the threat posed by logging, deforestation, vandals and poachers. In doing so, we can help spread awareness and protect this important part of the local people’s spiritual identity.

The findings of this documentary will not be safely guarded; they will be gladly shared. The importance of making this documentary Creative Commons is to ensure that scientists and citizen scientists from around the world will have access to this information with supporting oral history from the indigenous people.  By making all findings available online, people fromm all over the world can share this story.



Who were these ancient artists? It is very important that we try to understand the people who were inspired to create the inscriptions in these natural shelters. We live in the modern world, and we will need to try to shed away the layers of our cultural bias to try to find the most accurate answer to what they may mean. We will try to recreate some of the inscriptions in a hill in the area using tools that we believe the ancient artist used to create these beautiful petroglyphs.


The inscriptions lasted as long as they did because they were in remote areas. The increasing expansion of slash and burn agricultural practices is stripping the land of the protection afforded by trees, making them potentially more vulnerable to damage from natural elements, vandals, and treasure hunters. Deforestation of the Amambay Hills is changing the landscape forever, thus making the sites of the inscriptions the last oasis for plants and animals in an ocean of soy bean farms and cattle ranches.


The Pai Tavytera have a strong connection to the land where they live. They believe the hills that they inhabit are spiritual beings and they celebrate them through prayer and songs. One of the hills, named Jasuka Venda, is believed to be the place where God created the whole universe.  The natives are the guardians of that sacred place.


Assimilation to Paraguay culture has being difficult to the Pai Tavytera Indians. Some are living in extreme poverty in the Indian Reservations and alcoholism and suicide are rampant. Some Indians decide to leave the reservations to try their luck in the city where they live in cardboard shacks on the side of highways.


The importance of making this project creative commons is to ensure scientists and citizen scientists from around the world will now have access to this information with supporting oral history from the indigenous people.


We will look into the past, to the origins of the inscriptions, their possible meanings and who made them. We will show the state the markings are in now, the danger they face to survive in a shrinking world, and the plight of their guardians. We will ponder about the future of the inscriptions and the Pai Tavytera Indians.


This will be updated constantly:

Here is a panorama of the north wall of the natural shelter in Cerro
Gasory, we would like to get the entire wall in higher definition
picture, with multiple angles, so you can see all the incriptions.
Take a look at this panorama for an idea, click on the image and then
hold, and move the cursor to move the view point.

Using the xbox kinect we were able to get a 3d model of one of the
inscriptions model. Click on image and move the cursor to view
different angles.

This is a mp3 music file of a healing chant of the Panambi’y indians.
This file is creative commons, so feel free to download and share, or
even use in your projects.