Could Artificial Intelligence make documentaries?

 I recently started exploring the writing aspect of Artificial Intelligence to help me think of new angles in the script of the documentary I been working called the Solar Map Project.

 I feed all the writing I have done so far from my project, including the main script and other writings into Google's open source Tensorflow. After training the Recurrent Neural Network to learn from my writings.  I asked the deep learning algorithm to create a new  writing based on what it has learned, below is that new piece of writing with some minor corrections by me.

I translated some spanish words into english, and closed run on sentences.

The results were very amusing, and I think you might enjoy reading them.

Images included are images from the project run by Google's Deep Dream and Georg Fische's glitch art. 




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So far, I can attest that we are far from having machines make documentaries, but it's interesting to explore this new technology. 
I think next, I would like to try by using not the script from the documentary as I have done, but by adding all the descriptions of the scenes I have filmed, and then have it create a new piece of writing that it could be edited in the order created.


Thank you Max Deutsch for the how to guide for deep writing.