2017 Update of The Solar Map Project

The goal of the Solar Map Project is to Explore, Experience and Preserve the rock art of Amambay, and the culture of the Pai Tavytera Indians. Here are our 2017 updates on those fields:
solar map project website .com


We have a brand new website!

Our goal is to make our website the go to place for information about the rock art of Amambay, and the culture of the Pai Tavytera indians, and how best to support both of them. 

On the website you can check out some of our latest dispatches from the field:



Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Magazine


I am extremely proud to announce that the Solar Map Project has been featured on the Spring Issue of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Magazine!

The article highlights the donation we made of the Pai Tavytera altar to the Museum.

“This altar conserves the value of a tangible and intangible heritage that, in a certain way, represents the culture of the Pai Tavytera; the message it conveys is also a contribution to the whole world. The donation of the altar to this Museum will allow the world to value this heritage and to give it its true meaning. It will facilitate the understanding and appreciation of these ancestral places [the Amambay Hills and the rock art] so rich in intangible heritage and will foment the public awareness and the commitment for their protection and conservation.

sharon weaver long now foundation


Sharon Weaver gave a presentation on the Solar Map Project to The Long Foundation summit! The Long Now Foundation was created to foster long term thinking, and one of their projects is to build a clock to last 10,000 years. Sharon gave a talk on the importance of the preservation of petroglyphs of Paraguay. 

Her talk "New Perspective on the Ancient Rock Art of Paraguay" highlighted our efforts in preserving the rock art of Paraguay and the culture of the Pai Tavytera! Watch here!

origins national geographic solar map project


 Nat Geo explorer, and author Genevieve von Petzinger, who we interviewed for our documentary has a new show called ORIGINS. You can see her briefly at the 51 seconds on the trailer. Genevieve will also be featured in episodes starting March 6th including a whole piece on cave art and the geometric signs recently filmed in Spain!

She also has a super cool book that you can check out here. 

solar map project slideshow slides

Documentary news: 

The trips to Paraguay did not happen, so I had to make a change on the script to accommodate some of the missing footage that we hoped to capture in that trip.

 I am still working on the documentary, and hope to have a finished product soon to share with you all. I have been contacted by many festivals that want to showcase the film once is finished, so I am pretty excited about that. 

As always contact me if you have any questions, and follow us on social media for more regular updates.

With love,

Frank and the Solar Map Project Team



In 2016 I filmed every day for one second, take a look at my every day, and you can see a behind the scene look into me working on the project, you can watch it here!

In Memoriam

It's been a year since the passing of the great Lasheras, director of the Altamira Cave and Research center, and a great champion to the cause of preservation of the rock art of Paraguay. I remember how in our last email , I told him I was very frustrated of how slow the documentary is coming along, and he gave me a couple words of encouragement:

"A hug, and cheer up with the documentary, in Spain we say "I go slow since I am on a hurry, and in Italy: "Qui va piano va lontano" ( Slow and steady wins the race.)

Thank you Lasheras for all you taught me, thank you for your words of encouragement, for your studying and protecting the rock art of Paraguay, and being the keeper of the Altamira Cave.