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My name is Osmar Valenzuela, I was born in the indian community Tavytera Okenda in 1991, near the City of Capitán Bado, Amambay state. I belong to the Pai Tavytera tribe.  My father is Don Juan Valenzuela and my mother Maria Gomez, both belonging to Pai Tavytera Ethnicity. I am the seventh out of 8 siblings, the only child that went to school, and the first in my family and community to go to college.

In 2000, I sadly had to leave my family and my community to go to a distant city to go to high school. There I grew up with a family that happily fostered me, my foster father is an agronomist who works in our Indian Association "Association of Indigenous Communities Tavytera Rekopave Pai." My foster parents are called Doña Esmeraldina Red Almada and Don Delfin Ramirez Almada, who I am eternally grateful for having brought up as one of their own children, and where I have learned how to live in Paraguayan society.

In 2011, the bicentennial of Paraguayan independence, I finished high school. Through our association with Monsignor Zacarias Ortiz in 2012 I was able to get a scholarship to study Law at the prestigious Catholic University, where today I am happy to say I am in my third year of law school.

Universidad Catolica

The reason I am writing about my life is, as you can tell, I come from a family of scarce resources. I don't have means to acquire a laptop computer, something that is much needed to further my studies in the university. A laptop is important not only for my school but would also provide vital help with indigenous causes, as many people from my community reach out to me to help them with the paperwork necessary for the coexistence of our culture with mainstream Paraguayan society.

 Because the government here in Paraguay doesn't have any resources or program to help students like me, I am seeking help from outside the country. Therefore I have contacted Frank Weaver, who I met through the Solar Map Project,  so he can reach out to his connections to help me get a laptop. He has helped the Pai Tavytera native communities many times before, so I hope that his extended network of friends will be able to help me receive a donation of a laptop.

Thank you for bothering to read my writings, and many thanks brother Frank for taking the time from your daily life duties to deliver my message.

May God and the Virgencita Azul de Caacupé, mother of all Paraguayans, bless you. I bid farewell with a strong embrace, and hopes of a positive response.

Thank you. -Osmar V.

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Thanks to the generous heart of Solar Map Project's main patron Miss Leslie, we were able to get a laptop donated to Osmar!

Watch in the video below: