Leonido Arce Pai Tavytera Artist Paraguay Guarani Native


Leonido Arce, Woodcarver from the Ita Guazu community of the Pai Tavytera indians of  Amambay.

Leonido has both the role of creator of Pai Tavyetera art crafts and the role of spiritual leader that he shares with his wife Na Silvia.  Leonido's art is inspired by wild animals from the jungles of Amambay, such as owls, armadillos, fish and birds,  and sacred objects designs, many inspired by the ancient rock art  found in the region, made by what they call their ancestors, or the ones before them.

 Leonido is among one of the last Pai Tavyterá Indians to make altars.

We bought an altar made by Karai Leonido with the idea of donating to the Smithsonian Museum of Native American, to promote the culture of the Pai tavytera Indians as part of our Solar Map project mission.