• In the remote jungles of Paraguay,
    lies an ancient mystery...
  • 5,000 year old Rock Art
  • Join us as we set out to EXPLORE

The Project:

A documentary about ancient rock art in Paraguay and the rich culture of its guardians, the Pai Tavytera indians. Our goal is to create an informative, entertaining, and compelling film that will explore the culture of a people and examine the potential threats facing this rock art.

Our Mission

Telling an untold story that has been muted for millennia, the story of the rock art of the Amambay hills. We hope to spread the story beyond academic circles to a larger audience, and to help preserve the rock art. Give the Pai Tavytera indians a voice to tell us about their traditions, the struggle they currently face, and their hope for the future. Sadly, their story has often been overlooked. Making it possible for people all over the world to virtually explore these sites through photos, videos, and sounds.
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Project Supporters

Dr. Jean Clottes

Internationally Renowned Expert on Prehistoric Art
"The stories as fully as valuable as the art itself it is for two main reasons. First, they give life and meaning to the art. Second, they are short-lived while the art may last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Recovering them whenever possible is therefore an extremely valuable endeavor."

Dr. George Nash

Leading rock-art specialist, Bristol University
"The rock art of  Paraguay is unique revealing an ancient and vibrant society steeped in ritual and religion. The plight of this potentially important resource and its guardians is currently at the mercy of short-term gain. The destruction of cultural heritage and the alienation of an indigenous population; it has to stop – NOW."

Carmelo Rodriguez

National Director of National Parks
"There are a lot of rock art that we are not able to find anymore because they have been stolen from these sites. This is irreversible damage not only to the Paraguayan heritage, but World Heritage, because this type of rock art is only found here, and nowhere else in the world."

Giving the rock art to Aliens: Post inspired by Ted Chiang’s “Story of your life” and the Arrival Film

  In Ted Chiang’s “Story of your life” , soon to be the upcoming movie “Arrival“, humanity is visited by mysterious aliens. The main character is a linguistic tasked with learning how to communicate with the aliens. Slowly she is able to learn the al
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2015 Solar Map Project Udpate – The Paraguay documentary Pai Tavytera Indians Rock Art

Hello fellow supporters and friends of the Solar Map Project:   I am very excited to announce some major updates for our Solar Map Project. As you know we are telling an untold story that has been muted for millennia, the story of the rock art of the Amambay hills. We are spreadi
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Sombras en la Noche Paraguay Cinema

Growing up in Paraguay there was nothing like Sombras en la Noche, the first TV series of  movies made in Paraguay, the movies were spoken in Guarani, one of the first to have our native language on TV. Sombras de la noche was about the Pombero, the Jasy Jatere, our popular beliefs we
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Making a Pai Tavytera altar in the Ita Guazu community in Amambay, Paraguay.

The wood altar is the central institution in the religious beliefs of the Pai Tavytera. The altar is considered a sacred sanctuary and a focal point of the community. The altars usually resides in the homes of the spiritual leaders of the Pai Tavytera Indians or important leaders. The
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Laptop donation request – Osmar Valenzuela

Greetings; My name is Osmar Valenzuela, I was born in the indian community Tavytera Okenda in 1991, near the City of Capitán Bado, Amambay state. I belong to the Pai Tavytera tribe.  My father is Don Juan Valenzuela and my mother Maria Gomez, both belonging to Pai Tavytera Ethnicity.
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GaleanoSuarez-Shamanof the Panambi'y

We are Pai Tavytera indians, and we approve this message!

Hey! We just arrived back from a very productive trip in Paraguay, and now we have begun reviewing the footage, and I am happy to announce we have what is needed to finish our documentary!! It has been a long and arduous road to get where we are. We are now in the final stretches of t
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Leonido Arce Pai Tavytera Artist Paraguay Guarani Native

  Leonido Arce, Woodcarver from the Ita Guazu community of the Pai Tavytera indians of  Amambay.   Leonido has both the role of creator of Pai Tavyetera art crafts and the role of spiritual leader that he shares with his wife Na Silvia.  Leonido’s art is inspired by wild an
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Map statistics of deforestation Paraguay rain forest

The world is changing rapidly, and finally we have the technology to track it. Paraguay is experiencing rapid deforestation in the development of cattle ranches and soybean farms. The result is the highest rate of deforestation in the world. What does it mean to the rock art of Paragu
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Altamira Cave- It was one of those world changing discoveries.

    “Papa! Look up, oxen!…” Exploring an opening in a hill made by aftershocks from mining in the region, Spanish archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuloa and his young daughter Maria cautiously entered a cave and started digging hoping to discover prehisto
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